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Stroll through the streets of Hesdin to discover its Belfry, the cavalry riding school, the church of Notre Dame, the house of Abbé Prévost...take advantage of its good restaurants to taste the local products...

Azincourt 1415

The "Azincourt 1415" center is a historical interpretation center whose mission is to enhance and maintain the memory of the Battle of Agincourt of October 25, 1415 but also to bear witness to future generations of the historical and cultural heritage that we have received. left the Hundred Years War, conflict which tore the kingdoms of France and England from 1337 to 1453.

Abbaye de Valloires

Situated in a green setting, in the heart of the Picardy countryside and on the banks of the Authie river, Valloires is a rare and astonishing example of 18th century baroque architecture, which is curious to say the least in the region, but above all it is the only complete 18th century Cistercian abbey in France.

Jardin de Séricourt

Labelled Jardin Remarquable by the Ministry of Culture and elected Garden of the Year 2012, these gardens are unique in their expression of contrasts, rigid shapes in opposition to each other, the art of blurs, shades of green and flowery palettes, of light and shade, of landscapes with intimate trees or stretching to infinity.